Need a cool, new Christmas gift idea? Slide show offer…

Well friends…it’s that time of year again.  The Halloween decorations are packed up, and I am pretty sure I am about ten days late to the Christmas party.  Doesn’t the radio station start playing holiday songs on November 1st?  I won’t lie, I am struggling to accept that Christmas is here and the cultural pressure to “deliver” an amazing Christmas to my kids and my family.   I fall prey to the materialism and overbuying almost every year.  The reality is, though, (and if I could take my own advice, that would be awesome), as we grow-up we are constantly trying to recapture the magical feeling of Christmas we had when we were young and over buying isn’t where it’s at.  If you are like me and are looking to find new ways to connect with the Christmas spirit, maybe you could try something new.

I find that I reconnect to old feelings best through my photos and music.  The truth is, the feelings are always there, but we can’t always feel them with the myriad of obligations and distractions in our everyday life.  When we can’t be in the feelings of love and connectedness, or even the nostalgia we look for at the holidays, sometimes we need a little help.

I am offering custom slide show creation this holiday season.  You provide the photos and pick your favorite song or songs, and I will do the magic.  I won’t pretend that I use any amazing or fancy software…I am an iMovie fan.  Simple, clean and meaningful memories set to music and provided on DVD with custom labeling available.  Not sure who wants a video?  My parents, kids, friends and teachers have all loved receiving their own custom slide show.

The cost is $50 for 30-40 pictures and one song, or $80 for 60-70 pictures and two songs.  You must provide the photos on CD or DVD and allow one to two weeks for completion.

If you are interested, please email me to coordinate your project:


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