Practice what I Preach

Normally at this time of the year, I am hitting a beach somewhere in the world.  I have been lucky enough to be in Maui, Hawaii the past three Januaries.  There is nothing like practicing presence and renewing yourself in paradise.  Beautiful surroundings and zero distractions.  Awesome.  This year, however, not so much…

This winter it is time to practice what I preach to so many of my friends and family.  Contentment and happiness come from acceptance of the present moment (hence the tie to my business name).  The sad and funny thing is, that I am about as far from accepting my own advice as one could get.  In fact, in a twist of irony, I was supposed to teach a yoga class on this exact topic this morning.  How funny to be asked to teach something only to realize it is the exact thing you yourself need in this moment and the many, many moments that surround it.  As the Universe would have it two of my kids were sick and we had to cancel the class and stay home and snuggle up today.   It was not in my plan to stay home today.  The things in my life have not been in my “plan” at all lately.  Truly a bit of a wake-up call to reinvest in finding presence in any situation.  The reality is, that whatever situation we are in, it is part of a bigger plan for all of us.  Instead of resisting so much in my life I need to reinvest in renewing myself, accepting each present moment and investing in the things that matter.  In doing so, things naturally fall into place that create a life of meaning.  In fact, I have decided I want to have PMS.  Not the typical PMS, but Present Moment Syndrome… It starts in the present moment… It starts right now.

By now you are asking yourself, what does this have to do with photography?  Not a whole lot…  Other than I looked at this photo on my refrigerator today, and was brought to the realization that the feelings I have at the ocean are in me all the time.  They are in all of us whenever we want to be present enough to feel them.

Namaste friends…here’s that photo:

Seabrook Island, SC



And here are some bonus photos for you…just imagine how you might feel in this island paradise, and then bring yourself to that feeling here in this dreary Michigan winter (or wherever you are in the world).




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