Run with Purpose…Run with Presence

Where are you finding presence these days?  Do you find it throughout your day?  Do you practice mindful living?  Lately I seem to have been practicing “mind-full” living.  As I navigate the road of mindfulness I find there are seasons of “mind-full”ness as a reminder to continue practicing…to continue to return to source, return inward, regroup and ground oneself. Coming out of the long, cold winter has been a blessing.  Along with it has come a plan to run and train for the half-marathon in Detroit this fall as part of Team Kensington.  Team Kensington runs on behalf of The Hope Water Project, a project dedicated to bringing clean water wells to the Pokot tribe in Kenya.  You can learn more here:

I started my training a couple of weeks ago, and all I can say is running makes me want to die.  But each day, I hit the road intent on being present to my run, to my relationship with nature and to the absolute fact that my mind will give up well before my body.  Each day has gotten easier, not because I suddenly “love” to run, but because I have made a decision to enjoy the run and to practice presence while I am running.  I hear my breathing.  I hear my feet on the pavement.  I realize that I am so much stronger than my mind.  I witness the beauty of nature around me – this morning was the budding of the trees, a glimmer of green after the winter and red cardinals in the bare branches.

I hope wherever you are today, you are practicing presence and mindful living.  We have so much to be grateful for.


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