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I have been home from Kenya for almost three weeks, and it’s as if I think overnight I am going to become a writer. I have waited almost three weeks to post anything to this page because I am afraid. I am afraid I cannot convey the depth of feeling and freedom I found on my trip to visit the Pokot in Kenya. I feel compelled to share every detail and bit of wisdom I took from my trip. God told me days ago what to publish here. And I listened, but not really. I am not a writer, and my mind tells me I can’t just publish the words God gave me. I have to write and rewrite and revise, and ask for input. So I waited. And so you waited. And that really doesn’t do anyone any good. God gave me a story, and though it is short it is meaningful. I am supposed to give it to you.


This image is one of my favorite from my trip. It is a little girl from an area I can only hope I am accurately recalling as Lomada, outside the Kodich Orphanage in western Kenya. The children here were dirty, and they all had runny noses. They walk barefoot on feces everyday. You literally cannot take a step without walking on animal droppings. Hardest of all was the minimum of five hours they needed to walk for water everyday. Despite the harsh reality of life in the Pokot, I have never felt such deep faith, love and compassion from others as I did there.

Within in her eyes, the depth of truth is revealed. If you look closely you will see my image reflected in her eyes. This is the truth of life. We are all each other. We are woven together by a God who sees the intricate and infinite truth that within each of us, is the heart of the other.


God gave me these words:

I could drink for 1000 years inside your eyes.

Their depth pulls me in from outside myself,

And suddenly I am present inside myself.

I am you and you are me,

We are each other.

Give yourself a gift today. Give yourself compassion and grace. When you give it to yourself, you will find it is there for everyone.


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