Waking Up in Kenya | Pokot | Kenya | Metro-Detroit Photographer

20150211-DSC09655 2

Kenya is on my heart today. The children, the feelings, the culture and the presence. I miss the Pokot and their deep way of connecting to presence. You know the girl whose picture I posted the other day? The girl who God used to speak truth right to my heart? If not, read about it here https://presentmomentphotography.com/2015/03/05/reflection-pokot-kenya-metro-detroit-photographerg-grac-pokot-kenya-metro-detroit-photographer/  You’ll be glad you did.

I am thinking about her family, and the children, and the squalor in which they live, and their desperate need for water, walking over five hours a day just to have something to drink. I am thinking about how beautiful and engaged they were with life, but also how sick they were and tired and worn. And despite it all, they were beautifully faithful. So much more faithful than I am as I sit in my kitchen on a Saturday worrying about the future and my purpose in life and my kids fighting instead of loving and worrying and worrying and texting every friend I have for distraction.  I am doing all of this instead of simply putting my faith in a God that already knows what my future is, and that future is undoubtedly beautiful, as were all the past futures of my life because they led me to where I am now.

If you need an example of faith today, to bring you back to this perfect and present moment, cling to the example I saw deep in the desert of Africa, where everything was scarce, except for an amazing and deep conviction that God will take care of them. At this visit, the people asked us to pray with them, and their prayer request continues to knock me to my knees in faith since I have been home. “Please pray that we will get a church,” they asked, “because we know God will make it rain.” A prayer for a Church in a place where the sustainability of life depends on water and it had not rained for six months. They live on the Living Water of Jesus. What would it be like to join them?

God spoke the words below on my heart the other day, when I realized I had woken up in Kenya, no longer a ghost of myself, lost to worry and regret, but awake to presence and purpose and excitement and a conviction to listen for God’s plan for me. I am backsliding today, but I won’t give up.

I stood across from them,

and I heard the baby cry

at the ghost in my skin,

and I wondered if she knew

I was a ghost of myself?



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